Book Review : Brain over Binge from Kathryn Hansen

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Through the reading of this book we meet a young woman in confrontation with her compulsive habit of pic brain over bingebinge eating and how she recovered. This autobiography was written by Kathryn Hansen and is an amazing alternative support to anyone who wants to get through their destructive binge eating disorder by themselves. Continue reading

Superfood : Coconut

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The coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm named Cocos nucifera. It has been produced and utilized for a while by the Philippinian, Indonesian, Malaysian and Polynesian, but also by the South American, Indian, Hawaiian and Floridian. The drupe (fruit in which an outer flesh part surrounds a shell) and its derived products are spread around the world because of their versatile utilizations, their wonderful taste and their multiple health benefits.

From the roots to the leaves, the coconut tree has been used for many purposes, but what interests us here is the culinary use of its superfood through water, milk, flesh, oil, nectar and palm heart. Continue reading

Carnitine : Facts or Fiction

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Carnitine as a fat burner

Carnitine, much like creatine (even though their functions are quite different) is a supplement that has been available for years (even decades). It has always been categorized by common wisdom as a « fat burner » or « fat mobilizer », and considered by better informed parties as a placebo product because no study (until very recently) had been able to prove the efficacy of oral carnitine supplementation regarding fat oxidation. Continue reading

Book Review : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, commented by Sri Swami Satchidananda

What is the book about ?

yoga sutra by satchidanandaThe Yoga Sutra collects two hundred « philosophical rules » to follow in order to bring enlightement into an individual’s life. « Sutra » in sanskrit means the thread. You can understand this word as you are following a thread leading you toward a greater achievment.

The two hundred Sutras were written in Sanskrit. Sri Swami Stachidananda translated them into english and explained them in common western words.

Sri Swami Satchidananda was (1914-2002) an Indian spiritual master who became famous in the USA.

His purpose when writting this book was to bring the understanding of the Sutras to the western yoga adepts by describing each Sutra with metaphores and examples. Continue reading

Barefoot & minimal shoes running

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Five months ago, I bought minimal running shoes, which main purpose is to simulate barefoot running. After using them almost everyday and reading several studies, I am able to broaden your vision of their potential effects on your health. Continue reading