This blog is dedicated to providing you with quality articles and information about health and fitness, always based on sound and scientifically robust researches. Would you happen to have the desire to dig deeper into one of the topics treated, you will always have the opportunity to do so by using the several references used throughout the redaction of every article.

Our goal is to help you realize how adopting a healthy lifestyle can benefit you and your loved ones in every aspect of your existence. Because it is never too late, nor is it ever too early!

The authors :

Julien Hofmann is a certified personal trainer accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). Throughout his life, he has been introduced to several physical disciplines (martial arts, strength sports, endurance sports and so on) that led him to getting certified in order to take on a more active role in the world of health and fitness. Julien specializes in improving posture, mobility and body composition (fat loss) through different training fashions such as Reformer Pilates, weightlifting, Hatha Yoga and bodyweight training (Progressive Calisthenics).

Virginie Hofmann a.k.a. Vivi is a REPs Level 3 certified personal trainer accredited by Active IQ as well as a certified Himalayan Hatha Yoga teacher accredited by Yoga Alliance UK. Beside yoga, she has been introduced to Crossfit, weightlifting and bodybuilding. Vivi specialises in building strength, improving flexibility and balance, and offers nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

Contact: everydaylifeperformance@gmail.com , v.acronyoga@gmail.com

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